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Choosing The Best Power Pressure Cooker

best electric pressure cookerAll those who cook on a regular basis will be familiar with the many advantages of a pressure cooker. One of the most important components in one’s utensils collection is the very versatile and convenient pressure cooker. It is for this reason that the market has been flooded with different varieties of cookers since time immemorial. From different brands to different models within the same brand, there is no dearth of pressure cooker varieties for the everyday cooker. In fact, it is one of the healthiest additions one can make in the kitchen as electric pressure cookers, or even the ones that work on gas stoves, can ensure that the food is cooked without any oil or unhealthy fats.

For cooks who are amateur or even inexperienced in the kitchen, electric power pressure cookers are one of the best as they are safe to use and convenient. On the whole, they also help the person cook the food fast and in an easy way that does not require too much cooking expertise. In this article we take stock of the best pressure cookers that are available in the market today by looking at power pressure cooker reviews that are popular and readily available across all forums.

Top 3 Electric Pressure Cookers Comparison

In this section we take a peek at different models of the best electric pressure cookers that are available in the market today. The top three electric cookers are compared in accordance with the power pressure cooker reviews available online in order to form a fuller understanding of the different features of pressure cookers.

Secura 6-in-1
Amazon Rating
Capacity: 6-quart
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 12 x 13.5 x 13 inches
Instant Pot IP-DUO60
Amazon Rating
Capacity: 6-quart
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 12.2 x 13 x 12.6 inches
Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ
Amazon Rating
Capacity: 6-quart
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 12.2 x 12.2 x 13.2 inches

Top 3 Pressure Cookers Reviews

In the above section, we have taken a look at the brief product descriptions of the various pressure cooker models. In this section, we provide a more detailed analysis of the different brands along with their various pros and cons in order to fully comprehend the uses and shortcomings of the top three pressure cookers.


Instant Pot IP-DUO60 Pressure Cooker Review

The many reviews that this model has received tout is as the best pressure cooker in the market today. The top features of this model are:

817Om0cdRLL._SL1500_Multiple Cooking Functions: The foremost feature of the model is that it provides 7 cooking functions in one model. The functions range from Slow Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Rice Cooker, Saute/Browning to Yogurt Maker, Steamer and Warmer. The many functions are perfect for those who are cooking experts and also for those who wish to add versatility to their cooking but want to use a convenient option while doing so.

Ease of Use: The other feature of the model is that it is large and easy to handle. There are 14 built in smart programs that allow for an overall convenience as far as functionality is concerned. The model also comes with easy, comprehensible manuals in different languages so as to promote an overall convenient use.

Safety: The Instant Pot cooker has been certified by UL and ULC that allow for maximum security as far as cooking safety is concerned.

Three Different Temperatures: The cooker has been designed in such a way so as to allow for three different temperatures for sautéing and slow cooking. For those who want a more advanced cooker, this function has proven to be the most appealing.

Stainless Steel: The stainless steel material ensures that the cooker is easy to wash and maintain.

Additional Features: There are a number of additional features that the Instant Pot cooker boasts of. These include an automatic keep-warm function that is perfect in case one has to wait to serve the food. Furthermore, the dual pressure technique is optimal for both wet and dry cooking and all of this is designed in a way so as to make the entire process smooth and risk free.


Pros: There are a number of pros of the Instant Pot Cooker. The top most advantages of using the cooker are:
1. It is very easy to handle and yet offers an unprecedented versatility.
2. The entire model is made of high quality stainless steel that is easy to clean.
3. The model is safe and allows for highly efficient cooking.
4. It is perfect for every type of user and also ensures a gourmet meal at the shortest time.

Cons: As with every device, there are both pros and cons. The shortcomings that this model of pressure cooker presents is that the various features tend to malfunction at times along with the control panel. This can lead to many problems with the device and it can also lead to the electric fuse being blown before thorough use.


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Secura Pressure Cooker Review

The second model that we consider reviewing in this section is Secura 6-in1 pressure cooker. Giving stiff competition to the Instant Pot model, this, too has been touted as one of the best pressure cookers available in the market today. In order to form a better understanding of the product we take a look at the top features and the various pros and cons of the Secura Cooker.

Secura Pressure Cooker ReviewMultiple Functions: The 6-quart multifunction electric pressure cooker provides a host of different functions such as those of the slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, food steamer, browning/sauté pan and soup maker.

Safety: The other feature that the Secura pressure cooker boasts of is its safety function. The stainless steel lid ensures that the entire cooker remains cool and safe to touch. This is in conjunction with the safe-touch handles that are perfect for every type of user- be he an experienced cook or a newcomer in the kitchen.

Timer and Controlled Temperatures: The other reason this is one of the best cookers in the market is because the temperatures can be controlled according to the requirements of cooking and this also follows a micro-computerized temperature system that allows for gourmet cooking.

Included Amenities: One of the bonus points of the Secura cooker is that it comes equipped with a a rice spoon, measuring cup, user’s manual and even a recipe book. This is perfect for those who are learning new recipes and also for those who wish to experiment with other styles of cooking.


Pros: There are many advantages of investing in the Secura 3-in-1 pressure cooker. These are:

1) The entire model is stainless and this not only makes the cooking efficient and fast but also provides added safety.
2) As far as safe cooking goes, the Secura model is almost unbeatable as it has cool touch features that decrease chances of any accidents.
3) Over and above the aforementioned advantages, the Secura cooker offers time controlled temperature controls that are perfect for gourmet cooking. The bottomline, therefore, is that the cooker provides perfect cooking that is both tasty and healthy.

Cons: As has been seen above, every model- no matter how advanced has some disadvantages. The main cons of the Secura model are:

1) Some reviews mention that after a few months of working, the mother board might malfunction. Since this is an electric cooker, there might be some difficulties regarding the smooth functioning of the cooker.
2) Some users have also reported problems with the valve in certain cases.


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Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ Pressure Cooker Review

The last model that we consider for our review in this section is the Cuisinart Cooker. As with the other two, there are some features that have been labelled as top characteristics as they improve the cooking experience exponentially. Some of these top features are:

Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ electric pressure cooker reviewFast and Efficient Cooking: The Cuisinart model is perfect for working professionals and other busy persons as it delivers fast speed with regard to cooking. This is because it has 6 quarts that ensure fast cooking and reduce the cooking time up to 70 percent.

Ease of Use: The other thing that the Cusinart model has is a control panel that allows for easy cooking and can increase the cooking efficiency manifold. The digital display with the precision thermostat and push button controls makes the cooking experience easier for one and all.

Different Functions: As with the other two models, the Cuisinart cooker is one of the best in the market as it offers versatile functions from cooking to browning and sautéing. The different modes are perfect for quality cooking.

Safety: The cool touch handles and the stainless steel body makes the cooker easy to handle even after cooking and especially easy to clean. Overall, there is a level of safety maintained that is great for every user.


Pros: The different electric pressure cooker reviews have listed a number of advantages of the Cuisinart pressure cooker model. The different advantages are:

1) It ensures well rounded cooking as the temperatures can be controlled and cooking mode changed as per requirements.
2) The overall cooking time is reduced greatly and this ensures that the cooking is fast and efficient.
3) The model promises safety and this is perfect for those who are inexperienced in the kitchen.

Cons: The major disadvantages that the Cuisinart model shows are:
1) Some reviews state that the non-stick layer tends to peel off after a couple of months of use.
2) Sometimes, the pressure does not rise up to the optimal level thereby creating problems for the user.
While most of the models have their fair share of advantages and shortcomings, one must keep in mind that the shortcomings are subjective and can mostly be solved with help from the customer care executives of the different brands. Keeping this is mind, we take a look at some of the things that one must consider before buying pressure cookers in the next section.


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Tips on Buying Pressure Cookers

While buying a pressure cooker, there are some things that one should keep in mind. As there are many models in the market these days, the ability to make a wise decision is crucial. This is not only because every investment that one makes should be well thought out, but also because if the pressure cooker is faulty, it could endanger the life of the user and everyone in the near vicinity. The following are some tips that one should keep in mind while buying a pressure cooker.

1. Material: The first thing that should be ascertained is the quality of the material and the make. Whether it is aluminium or stainless steel, the covering and structure of the cooker is important not only because it helps in the overall efficiency of the cooking process but also because it dictates the longevity of the cooker. There are two types of material: aluminium and steel and of the two aluminium is the cheaper option whereas steel is the better and more efficient one. This is because steel being heavier is less prone to being unstable. Furthermore, stainless steel has the added benefit of being safe to wash and handle. For all those who wish to invest in a better and more efficient option, steel is the one to go for.

2. Size: The other factor that should be considered while buying a cooker is the size of the quart. The 4 quart cookers are suited for singles, working professionals living alone or couples whereas the 6 quart ones are better for family purposes. The other and less bought size is the 8 quart that is very useful for large families and also for making food in batches or for any gathering and party.

3. Cross Checking the Valve: While buying a cooker, one of the things that should be kept in mind is a thorough cross examination of the safety valve. This is because faulty and cheap models might have a loose and ill functioning valve that can pose a serious risk to the user. Ensuring a thorough examination of the valve is an important step before investing in any cooker model.

4. Warranties: The other thing that should be taken into account before buying a cooker is the warranty period. Making sure that there is warranty period offered by the company is the one among the most important things when it comes to buying the best electric pressure cooker in the market.

5. Following Reviews: The last and final thing that should be taken into consideration before buying a cooker is that the reviews of the product must be followed in order to make the best investment. The power pressure cooker reviews that are available online might not always be accurate but they do offer a sense of customer satisfaction and top features. Reading reviews should be a primary step before making any investment.

5 Pressure Cooker Recommendations

In this section we take a peek at 5 models that are topmost in the industry when it comes to pressure cookers. The most important things that one has to keep in mind while choosing the perfect pressure cookers are: ·

Material Used: The material should be such that it lasts long and allows for overall safe cooking. ·

Multi-Functional: The ideal cooker should be able to perform multiple functions. This ensures that the investment is fruitful. ·

Safety Testing: The most important thing that one should ensure is that the pressure cooker has a safety label from a certified government organisation. ·

Controlled Temperatures: The ideal pressure cooker should have the option of controlling the cooking temperature in order to ensure that the food is cooked well and retains the natural nutrients.

We now consider different models of pressure cookers that are available in the market today. While these are merely recommendations, they might help provide a good idea of which brands to look out for while buying a cooker.

The top 5 pressure cooker recommendations are:

ProductCapacityMaterialDimensionsCustomer RatingEditor Rating
Instant Pot IP-DUO60
6 quartStainless Steel13.2 x 12.2 x 12.2 inches4.7/5

Full Review
Secura 6-in-1
6 quartStainless Steel12.0 x 13.5 x 13 inches4.4/5

Full Review
Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ
6 quartStainless Steel 13.2 inches x 12.2 inches x 12.2 inches 4.2/5

Full Review
8 quartStainless Steel 13.2 inches x 12.2 inches x 12.2 inches 4.2/5

Full Review
MaxiMatic EPC-808
8 quartStainless Steel 15 inches x 15 inches x 15.3 inches 4.5/5

Full Review


As far as investing in pressure cookers is concerned, one must be aware that they are not only investing in a kitchen appliance but also in the long term health of their family and loved ones. This is because a pressure cooker will give them the benefit of fast cooking, efficient time saving and overall, a healthy lifestyle. The fact that the food is cooked by steaming is one of the biggest reasons for investing in pressure cookers and as we have seen in the reviews and other features of the electric cookers, they are truly a great investment for all.

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