Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ Review

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Cuisinart has always produced some excellent cooker with modern touch and some great features in it. One of the best among all the cookers is the Cuisinart CPC 600AMZ. It is a power cooker which has all the essential options and features which are necessary for a better functioning of the cooker. Read on to know more about the details.

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About Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ

Cuisinart CPC-600AMZThe manufacturer has come up with a better packaging than before. It is now a more improved version from the Cuisinart by eliminating damages. This is a 1000 watt 6 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker which is now available in a better design. It is a brushed stainless steel with matter black borders. Some of the noteworthy benefits of this power cooker are –

• It reduces the cooking time by 70 % because of the 6 Quart electric pressure used in this cooker.

• It consists of a digital display which is very clear and makes it easier for the people to read the temperature.

• Besides having settings for the pressure cooking, you will be able to simmer, brown, warm and sauté food with the help of this cooker.

• Both the trivet and pot supplied along with this are 100 % non stick and safe for using in dishwasher.

• The cooker consists of cool-touch handles as well as a timer and for these this cooker has become more convenient to use.

• Such a great cooker is available at a very much affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket. This pressure cooker is available at a price lower than the other pressure cookers of same quality available in the market.

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What Are The Features?

Here are some of the interesting features of this power cooker –

41l69PbkC-L• Do you want to keep your foods hot and nice? Then you can surely rely on its warming feature. It can keep your meal hot up to 12 hours. The feature is fully automatic and you just have to shift to the Keep Warm option after the pressure cooking is done. The LED light will turn on indicating that the process is on.

• Want that brown look and flavor for your food that you enjoy only in restaurants? It is not only possible but also quite easy with the help of the Cuisinart CPC-600AMZ.

• With the help of the simmer feature the usage of this pressure cooker has become more flexible. While you add ingredients you can still keep on cooking the foods in this cooker.

• In this pressure cooker you can even cook food at 6 psi which is low pressure as well as at 10 psi which is high pressure. This makes the cooking a lot more convenient and easier for the people.

cpc600-controls._SL500_• The smart timer settings add more convenience to this pressure cooker. There are increments for 1 minute up to 40 minutes and it increases to 5 minutes from the 41 to 99 minutes. This is very much beneficial and convenient to the people.

• In the summer time, it wonderfully gives off a very light smell and produces less smell. This is really great for the summer time use.

• The cool touch of the handle never gets heated up regardless of the temperature you are cooking in. So, it is safe for you to hold and also good for the child safety. While removing it from the gas top you can simply hold the handle and remove it.


The Cuisinart has really made a huge creation in form of this power cooker. The difference in temperature of this cooker is minimal which provides a perfect cooking experience to the people. It has shown to cook at a high temperature of 15 psi but that is technically its capability but it can do it. It is highly durable product which you can use for daily use. It is very easy to clean which has made it even easier for the people too.

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