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GoWISE-USA-Pressure-CookerWith the help of an electric pressure cooker everyday meal as well as special items can easily be made. The food will be evenly cooked as in a pressure cooker the steam allows even distribution of heat. Besides, this steam also helps to intensify the taste of the food. The Stainless-steel Cooking Pot/ 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker (8 QT) from GoWISE is one of the best pressure cookers to have in a kitchen for these reasons. The wide array of features which this very pressure cooker has to offer is very advantageous and they are discussed here:


About Stainless-steel Cooking Pot/ 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker

· The size of this electric pressure cooker is 8 qt. So, it can easily accommodate a large quantity of food. Thus, this pressure cooker will be perfect for a large family or dinner parties and other such occasions.

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· The cooking pot is made with stainless steel which gives a great look and also ensures that this pressure cooker is durable.

· It can deliver 121 degree Celsius or 250 degree Fahrenheit temperature, where most pot can also can deliver about 100 degree Celsius or 212 degree Fahrenheit.

· The user will be benefitted with 120V and 50-60Hz.

Detailed features of this pressure cooker

51-MsKUhPRL· This 6 in 1 pressure cooker can reduce the cooking time by 30%. Besides, the cooking pot with the warmer feature heats up the food. Thus, making it a useful appliance to have.

· With this pressure cooker there is the option to cook rice or porridge, making it perfect for every meal of a day. The Slow cooker feature allows a user to cook for 30 minutes to 20 hours. Here it should be mentioned that, there is also the feature that allows a user to delay cooking for 24 hours.

· There is less hassle and, of course, less cleaning up with the Browning or Saute feature where the user is given the option to pick a temperature and then cook accordingly. Besides this, the steamer feature provides the option to use the steaming pan to steam ingredients for different dishes.

· It comes with a pressure time + and pressure time – functions which provides a great advantage and ease in cooking.

· A user do not have to worry about the cooking process as the electric pressure cooker provides the option of White Rice, Meat/Stew, Brown Rice, Beans and also Soups buttons. With these features, all a user will have to do is add the ingredients, put the lid and push the button. The end of cooking process is denoted by a timer or whistle.

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Best Part about the Electric Pressure cooker

41DHZcfte+LBesides the removable cooking pot, this pressure cooker from GoWISE also has a lid that comes with inner liner which also happens to be removable. Thus, cleaning the pressure cooker, especially the sealing ring will be an easy task. Here it should be mentioned that the lid is a self-locking one and is also made with stainless steel and has a rubber gasket.

It is true that most electric pressure cooker cannot provide 15 PSI which can be learnt from different pressure cooker reviews. But, with this GoWISE pressure cooker, a user can expect 10 to 15 PSI. There will be consistent pressure it and comes with more control than other such pressure cookers.

This cooker has cool touch handles which helps a lot. Besides this, some other advantageous features of this pressure cooker are:

· Floating valve

· Locking pin

· Anti-Blocking case

· Temperature sensor

· Pressure regulator Knob

· Pressure safety valve

· Stationary pot

· Condensation reservoir

All these features allow this pressure cooker to become a very easy to use appliance which also happens to be very safe. All these features contribute to a quick cooking process also.

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Final Words

This very electric pressure cooker comes with plastic cup and spoon. A user will also get a stainless steel rack with the purchase of this electric pressure cooker. This is a great addition to all the advantages that is offered by this pressure cooker.

This is one those pressure cookers which has been approved by the prestigious ETL which is considered as a great plus point of this pressure cooker by many pressure cooker reviews.

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