What is pressure cooking?

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Pressure cooking is a cooking method that uses steam pressure to cook food faster and save energy. It uses a sealed pot that is airtight with steam, which is trapped inside the pressure cooker. With the liquid sealed inside, when heat rises it will turn into vapor that increases the pressure inside, which in turn speeds up the cooking process.


How the process works

how pressure cooker worksThe sealed pot is heated to make liquid turn into steam, gradually rising the temperature inside until the food inside gets properly cooked. Not only is this process faster but it also browns the food to make it taste delicious.

When the pressure rises, the steam and temperature of water will rise to the boiling point until it stabilizes. If this happens, more water is added below the container holding the food to allow vapor to form in order to help with the browning process.


What food can you cook with a pressure cooker?

You can cook virtually any type of food with a pressure cooker. It can be used to tenderize tough meat and get your beans ready in few minutes. All you need to do is to allow the pressure to build up, then place your food, seal the pot, and let it cook on a certain amount of pressure for some time. The time and pressure you require depends on the type of food you are cooking, and as we are used to tasting food while cooking, the situation here is different. You will have to wait for the time to elapse and pressure to reduce for you to know when the food is ready.

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Why use pressure cooking?

If you are looking to cook food not only faster but tastier than usual, then pressure cooking is the way to go. This method doesn’t really use a lot of energy like other cooking appliances you may own. It also saves on time because the buildup pressure and the high temperature can really reduce the cooking time overall.

The challenges of cooking with a pressure cooker

You will have to wait until your pressure cooker is heated up before adding the food and covering it with the lid. Allow it to cook for a while at a given amount of pressure, depending on the food. Unfortunately, a pressure cooker’s sealed recipient does not allow you to taste or even touch the food while you cook it, but you’ll get past this in no time once you’ve tasted the delicious food it is capable of cooking.

The great thing about pressure cooking

It is highly efficient because it utilizes far less energy than most other appliances, enabling it to cook faster by taking advantage of the high-pressure capabilities of steam. Whether you are cooking a tender lamb curry with spicy flavors saturating the meat, or chickpeas with spiced rice, you will find a pressure cooker fascinating. Once you get used to it, you will do most of your cooking this way.

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